Women in engineering

Twice as many men graduate with a university engineering diploma compared to the number of women.

The gap continues to widen, but ÉTS believes that that the solution lies in taking action.

The world needs more female engineers, so we must increase female representation in engineering.


Whether you are an individual or you represent a company, you can show your support for students by donating to or offering a scholarship. At ÉTS, scholarships encourage perseverance and the pursuit of excellence.

Science and technology clubs


Every year, hundreds of students who are members of approximately thirty science clubs participate in national and international engineering competitions and help to enhance the reputation of ÉTS through their outstanding performance.

Student groups at ÉTS have a social, cultural or community mission. Your donations make it possible for students to be involved in their community.

Emergency Fund

Did you know that there is a permanent Assistance Fund at ÉTS? Since it was created, more than 400 students and their families have received emergency financial assistance or a Christmas basket.

In fact, 69% of requests come from students who have family responsibilities. This Fund is there to help them during their most difficult times.

Sports Teams – The Piranhas

Recognized at the provincial level, our sports teams are a source of pride for the entire ÉTS community. Thank you for your support.

Increase the impact of your philanthropy

Promote the development of ÉTS

Support the development of ÉTS to help maintain a living and working environment that is conducive to learning, research and innovation, with the facilities necessary to equip the campus of the future geared toward the advancement of education.

Support research and development

Would you like to support a specific research project, chair or engineering discipline? Allocate your donation to research and innovation.

Provide a springboard for entrepreneurship

At ÉTS, many of our students take advantage of initiatives aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship.