Sale of roses for the Fonds Barbara-Daigneault

Until November 27, you can order a bouquet of 6 or 12 roses by filling out the order form. They will be delivered by a florist to the address indicated on the form on December 3 and 4, 2022. For logistical reasons, it is no longer possible to guarantee delivery in all regions. Therefore, we encourage you to check the document that indicates regions where delivery is available to verify whether the region you wish to deliver to is included.

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Alumni campaign

Every year, the Alumni and Philanthropy Service, in collaboration with Réseau ÉTS (the ÉTS Network), launches a financing campaign among ÉTS alumni. The success of this campaign is ensured by the loyalty that former students demonstrate toward their alma mater.

Within the context of this campaign, we contact ÉTS graduates by phone and e-mail to offer them a chance to contribute to achieving the mission of the ÉTS Development Fund or to renew their commitment.

For many of them, this represents an opportunity to give back to the institution that got them started on their career as an engineer and to help provide a stimulating environment where future generations of students can pursue their development.

Campus Campaign

The members of our staff are our most precious resource at ÉTS. They are at the core of our growth and have enabled us to take our place among the leading engineering schools and faculties in Canada. Thanks to their support for the Campus Campaign, our employees and retirees reinforce the reputation of ÉTS and ensure the vitality of our activities involving graduates, industry and the business world.

Supporting the cause of education

When you support our cause, you are helping to make university education accessible to an even greater number of students. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to reduce the financial burden of studying and encourage social engagement, academic perseverance and excellence.